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The good, the bad and the fucking ugly...

My days were going so perfectly fine, before today fucking ended! Those damn bloody fucking hell Slytherins (except Pansy, and probably Draco)! Those two bloody dumb asses managed to set curses on me. One, they got me bald (which I solved later on with no problem as it has happened to me before *cough*). And, they set my pants on fire. Kinda ironic actually, but certainly not funny. Bloody fucking hell. But as a revenge, I cursed their clothes off, which was not a pretty sight, I have to admit, but rewarding nonetheless. Then, I fled and hid until they were gone. Ah, I needed to get that bloody off my chest.

Enough with the bad. Yesterday was fun. I went to the ball (well, that wasn't much fun on his own) but I got to talk with Ginny about all sorts of things and jump on my bed. So that was the fun part. Tonight was also loads of fun. I hanged out with Pansy, and it's always great because we can talk about absolutely everything. Yup. Cool people. Makes me forget about all that damn crap going around. Blindens me to that sort of things actually, and that is fuuun.
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