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Voices. I hate those voices.

The Fuck? Harry tried to take his life? What does he think he's going? Did he even think that dying was actually a solution? Damn, that's stupid. It just doesn't make sense (neither do I, really). Why do people take life seriously? Shit, it's just a joke, it's all just a freaking joke! (why am I not laughing?)

Why am I acting like I fucking don't care? Leave me alone! (As if that was what I needed right now.)

[Blocked from all]
It doesn't look like I chose the right part of my entry to private-fy. My lack of bad words probably makes more sense than all these blasphemous expressions with no meaning. But I don't need to justify myself. You'll think whatever you wish with what I say. I don't give a fuck shit damn thing.

Selfish. Being the stubborn bad little friend that I am, I wasn't able to see a thing! Just like I didn't care. Actually, I was there with my cynical attitude being jealous. Being jealous of what he had, when, in reality, our life are the simple same, when you look close enough. Sure, he has that hero thing that I don't. Maybe that's why it seems much more complicated for him. And it's probably why I don't understand him. I pity myself.
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