Seamus Finnegan (seamus_finnegan) wrote,
Seamus Finnegan

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So, I'm a fool for not knowing and smart for discarding what I know?

Sometimes I just feel so out of place. I'm not what I could be. Yet my mum's always told me to be glad of what you have and not to depress on what you want. I'm not sure if I truly want something right now, but I find myself to be content. For no reason apparently, because I have nothing to gain happiness of. It's not like I accomplished anything personally rewarding, or socially for that matter, but life flows so much easier when you focus on those little invisible things that keeps you alive. Wait, where's my invisible thing?

I don't know how many times I have to say I am happy to start feeling it. Or how many times I have to be tickled by Justin to smile endlessly?
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