Seamus Finnegan (seamus_finnegan) wrote,
Seamus Finnegan

Questionnaire from Angelina

1. What is your definition of a good friend?
I fear answering that question because I'll realized how bad of a friend I am, myself. But I will anyway. I think a good friend is someone you can count on and trust, first of all. It is someone that you are truely comfortable with, all the time. And last, it's someone that will see beyond your flaws. Like, know you're not perfect but loves you anyway.

2. What is your favorite color?
Maybe I am biased because I'm Irish, but I have always loved green. It's lively and cheerful. On the contrary, light blue is peaceful and I love it all as well.

3. How do you like to spend your spare time?
With someone. Anyway I don't mind, but I have to have company. Because if I don't I start thinking too much about myself, and I just hate that.

4. What makes you a good Gryffindor?
Sometimes this question makes me doubt, but when I think about it, there's no place I could be better. If my dad was a wizard, he would have been in Gryffindor too. So I think I got those daring caracteristics that make us proud from him.

5. What is your favorite subject to study and why?
Would it work if I told you I despite every subject? Studying them is even worse. Which is why I don't study often, but when I do, I make sure I do it all in one stroke. Though, I find charms quite interesting. I'm sure it would be even more fun it I could get those darn spells right.
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