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...Not like I left

Right. I feel like I've been gone for bloody long now. As if it was a vacation. But I was far from enjoying leisure time. I have been so careless about school work throughout the year that I needed to work extra during the last week or so. I can say I worked my arse off, I had never put so much effort into something. But now I can relax and fool around like I always do because I made passing grades and more than so in some classes so I'm quite proud.

I realized I somewhat cut myself off from my friends and it was not the first time either. I've learned a valuable lesson now though. As much as I like having fun and don't care about my future, I really need to balance school and friends. Because I see now that both are important. I hope I can live up to what I know presently, and that it will not cause me any more trouble.
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