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Knowledge never ends

I never thought I could keep myself busy during the summer hols. We are at this moment in the house my dad grew in, in Ireland. I always thought it was the same house we are living in now, but apparently, there is a lot I didn't know. So basically, I'm at my grand-mother's old humble house but I never got to see her. She died when I was two years old, but I always thought she died before I was born. See, we learn new things every day. I'm kind of disappointed they waited that long to tell me about my family but they said they never intended to hide it from me. Only, they didn't think I would be interested. And well, I guess they were right until recently.

So I've been working around my dad's old house with him. Let me tell you it's a lot of work, too. I spent most of my days sleeping, I have to say. At least my parents let me sleep so it's an excuse not to work. I have been enjoying the holidays all right until now. I hope I will get to see my friends before school begins.
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